Finding your tribe

I’ve got a lot of Big Ideas for the future: about where I’m going and what I’ll be doing along the way. I don’t want to talk about it all in too much detail yet, because plans? They tend to change.

Heck, I’ve been cautioned about making too many plans before I head off to India, on account of the way India tends to get all up in your grill. And y’know, there’s that whole yogic concept of nothing being permanent, and so while it’s good to think ahead and make possible plans nothing’s ever really real until its actually happening. Right? Yep.

So for now I’ll say that I intend to make a lot of changes in 2013. Wait…what am I saying? They’ve already been happening for a while now. It’s just that they’ll start to be visible in 2013, to myself and others.

Okay! Alright then! Just a little more info for y’all. Sheesh!

My plan includes going back to school mid-year for studies that will be part of my future career. Said studies will take 2-4 years, depending on whether I’m able to devote myself to them full or part-time.

Once qualified, I intend to combine that work with yoga teaching and writing pursuits, to create a varied entrepreneurial future: where I’ll work for myself and provide services that’ll make a positive contribution to the world.

The goal is that thing many of us talk about: doing what we love as a career.

For me, this essentially boils down to being of service.

This life of ours?

I feel like en-masse, we’re about to hit a ceiling with the volume of stress and intensity we can take with our go-go-go lifestyles. Because in various ways, these lifestyles are making us sick.

And, what we need is more people working to combat the toxicity of our world. That’s the general direction I’m headed in…

Women As Entrepreneurs Christmas party

Which is why a couple of weeks ago, I was excited to discover Women As Entrepreneurs via a lovely new friend on Twitter (hi, Evie!).

As it happened, they were holding a Christmas shindig and it felt really right for me to join them.

So I did.

I was happily and pleasantly overwhelmed by the community of women I found myself in. Beautiful, friendly, inclusive, and strong women. Women with ideas, passion and drive, in various phases of their entrepreneurship; sharing their stories and providing inspiration and support for others.

My first impression besides feeling inspired by all of the creativity in the room was: Hey, am I still in Melbourne? These women are all so dang friendly and curious!

So, even though I’m a little ways off setting up my own business as a full time thing, I’m excited to have found Women As Entrepreneurs.

Because despite the varied careers of the group, these ladies all have in common what I’d like to call the “language of possibility”. Or perhaps the “language of success”?

For, when you explain to non-entrepreneur-type people what you’re thinking of doing with your life, the response varies from “wow” to “that sounds interesting” or perhaps heads into fear-based responses or thinly veiled criticism. Truly!

Whereas, talking to the women I met at Women As Entrepreneurs Christmas party? I was given some really helpful tips for business planning (yes, even 2-4 years before I’ll be up and running!) and a lot of positive support.

No one thought I sounded slightly nutty for wanting to follow my heart and build a career around work that makes me happy.

I realised that this is what I’m going to need – to surround myself with people who’ve already done/are doing the work of running their own business. People who are comfortable with the idea of taking risks and building a successful business from the ground up.

This will be one of my new tribes. You can have more than one, of course!

It was excellent meeting the ladies of Women As Entrepreneurs, and I’ll be back for sure.🙂

~ Amanda

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3 thoughts on “Finding your tribe

  1. I’m so glad that you had a great time with some great people. The journey to/of entrepreneurship is totally worth all the sideways glances from the masses. WELCOME!

  2. Colleen

    Hello Amanda

    soo good to know your given name and to see your new posts. It feels right to me that you have created this new blog for the new beginnings and adventures in your life. Your other blog was about the process of healing; now that you have healed it is proper for you to move on. Well done! I’m so pleased and excited for you!

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